​SONGS:  "Goin' Back To Texas" , "Things I Like", "Sunshine State Of Mind",  "When A Woman Gets The Blues", "Paw",  "Roll Me Another One", "Santa Monica Pier", "Refuge", "Broken", "Highway 59 Revisited"

NOTES:  "I decided, after all this time, roughly 35 years or so, to make a record that was just mine and for no other purpose. I love

all the songs on HWY 59 , but more than that, I have lived all the songs on HWY 59...except the one about pre-meditated double murder. If you like these songs, then you like me, these songs are me, Randy Moore ."  

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  • Goin' Back To Texas (sample)0:40
  • Things I Like (sample)0:40
  • Sunshine State Of Mind (sample)0:40
  • When A Woman Gets The Blues (sample)0:40
  • Paw (sample)0:40
  • Roll Me Another One (sample)0:40
  • Santa Monica Pier (sample)0:40
  • Refuge (sample)0:40
  • Broken(sample)0:40
  • Highway 59 Revisited (sample)0:40