Monday 12 P.M. EST or 11 A.M. CST

Mondays 8 A.M. NZ or Sundays 1 P.M. CST
Tuesdays 3 A.M. NZ or Mondays 8 A.M. CST

Thurs. 2 P.M. UK time or 8 A.M. CST

Sunday 11:30 P.M. CST
    or Monday 2:30 P.M. Australian Time
Tuesday 11:30 P.M. CST
    or Wednesday 2:30 P.M. Australian Time

 Thursdays 8 P.M. Belgium time
​              or 1 P.M. CST

 ​Wednesday 11 A.M. CST

Fridays 5 P.M. CST

Monday 10 A.M. CST or 9 A.M. MST

Saturday 2 P.M. PT and Sunday 2 P.M. PT

Belgium Country Radio
​Various times and days each month

Neon Music Country Legacy 

​Syndicated Shows Started The Week of January 7, 2018
Stations below.. Click on the photo for listening link

Wed 9 P.M. EST 

Bert Gagnon, a true pioneer and maverick of today’s ever popular internet radio has reached a crossroads of his life. He stated recently on social media that he will be moving on from his current status as head of Neon Music Radio Network in a very real sense, quote, “We've had a great ride in the past 20 years. ..but soon I will be among those serving as sentinels in the neonic universe. ..even though I will not be here, our programming will continue with Neon Music Country Legacy.” Gagnon , some twenty years ago, began pioneering the internet radio landscape by creating the ever popular Songwriters Network, then following up with MusictogoUSA, and finally with Neon Music Radio. All based on the “songwriter is the star” format of telling the stories and sharing the music of the original composers who created the music of today. Bert was instrumental in integrating the independent singer/songwriters with the mainstream hit makers in a way that gave listeners an entertaining and unique internet experience. Bert Gagnon’s mission statement has always been, “Are you ready to enjoy music again?” That is Mister Gagnon’s legacy and has been the driving idea behind the new syndicated show that will carry his vision into the future, Neon Music Country Radio.Highway 59 Records recording artist Randy Moore, has signed on as the new host of Bert Gagnon’s Neon Music Country Legacy, a new syndicated radio series that highlights country music songwriters & artists from mainstream to independent and all points in-between. Neon Music Country Legacy is the brainchild of legendary D.J. and creator Bert Gagnon. On each installment of the series, Randy Moore adds his own distinctive approach to the show, to bring his artistry for a unique radio listening experience .

 Sat 7 P.M. CST or Sun 12 Noon N.Z. time

Monday 5 P.M. EST or 4 P.M CST

Sundays 3P.M. CST or
9 P.M. UK Time


 Thursday 7 P.M. CST

Tues 4 P.M. CST

Neon Music Country Legacy is dedicated and continuing the visionary work of music radio programmer and creator Bert Gagnon. Bert’s idea for music radio programming centers around showcasing the songwriters and composers of popular country, pop, folk, bluegrass, blues, and rock songs of our time. His visionary work led him to create a new radio format that has flourished for many years under the guise of Neon Productions Radio and Musictogousa. The idea has caught on with many well-known and unknown independent composers as well. Neon Music Country Legacy will build upon the solid foundation laid by Bert Gagnon for and entertaining, insightful, and lasting archive of words and music. As Bert always says, “Enjoy music again.” The one hour radio show will be hosted by Randy C Moore.

Boots 101
Bill And Kat Radio Network
​Sunday  12 P.M. EST or 11 A.M. CST
 Monday 10 P.M. EST or 9 P.M CST
  Tues 1 A.M. EST or Midnight CST 
And 9 am or 8 A.M CST
  Wednesday 5 P.M. EST or 4 PM CST
  Thursday 9 P.M. EST or 8 P.M. CST

 Friday 12 P.M. EST or 11 A.M. CST
Saturday 2 A.M. EST or 1 A.M. CST

Wednesday 9 P.M. Tasmanian Time

or 4 AM CST

Tuesday 9 P.M. UK  Time or 3 P.M. CST

It will be played on the stations listed below starting Sunday Feb 18 but New Zealand Country Radio will play  Show 3 with Hit Songwriter Charlie Black and so will Country Road Radio that week.  Country Road Radio wanted to make a special slot for this and it will be played on Sunday Feb 18 at 3:30 PM  CST.  

Saturdays 10 A.M. U.K. or 4 A.M. CST

Sat 7 P.M. CST or Sun 1 P.M. Irish Time

Sunday 9 A.M UK Time or 3 A.M. CST

Wednesday 8 A.M. CST or 9 A.M EST
Saturday 11 A.M. CST  or 12 Noon EST

Friday 8 A.M. CST with Anja Kristin Krone
Tuesday 4 P.M. CST or 10 P.M. UK Time
Thursday 10 A.M CST or 3 P.M. UK Time

Monday 6 P.M. New Zealand Time
or Sunday 11 P.M. CST

Thursday 11 P.M. NZ Time 
​or Thursday 4 A.M. CSt

Saturday Noon Belgium Time 

or 1230 AM and 103.1 FM
Sunday 9 P.M. EST or 8 P.M. CST

Saturday 8 P.M. EST and 7 P.M. CST

Sunday 10 A.M. CDT and 10 P.M. CDT

Tuesday 3 A.M. UK Time or 9 P.M. CST

Friday 9 P.M. UK time or 3 P.M. CST
Saturday 10 P.M. UK time or 4 P.M. CST