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Randy Moore
​Written by Harry Teaford ,General Manager  Radio A1A

Randy Moore has taken the 'Trop Rock' music world by tropical storm. Randy's first contribution, "Sunshine State Of Mind'" has changed the entire mindset of the Genre'. After setting records for remaining #1 in the 'Trop 40', Randy Moore is now driving the 'Trop Rock' wave to heights never dreamed possible !

Randy Moore
​Written by Danny Lynn, "The Tiki Man"
Tiki Man Radio

Randy Moore's refreshing style of music and genuine style of who he is as a person, comes out in his new CD HWY 59, with childhood memories and stories that come alive in a unique way only Randy can do.
Having met Randy, I truly feel honored to call him a friend. If you like his new CD HWY 59 then you'll truly like Randy because it's all one in the same.

Randy C. Moore Receives

This November I was humbled and honored by my friends and associates at Famous Five Dining. Let me share a little backstory here…about 14 years ago I met Mike Lister & Doug Reneger of Famous Five Dining (they own several Famous Dave’s Barbeque Restaurants). They were at a gig I was playing and asked if I could help with a charity golf event. I heard the word “golf” and jumped at the chance. Every year I got to... provide live music and sound for Famous Five Dining/ Famous Dave’s “Birdies, Bogies, & Bones” tournament benefit for Make A Wish Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Each year the event itself is always fun, inspiring and supported by many great and faithful sponsors. And each year the Famous Five Team would honor a select few with their Five Star Award Of Excellence for going above and beyond to make the event a success. Now, this year, the team awarded me with a Five Star pin.
I decided to go ahead and let everyone know that I am honored to be in the company of those who have received this award. I’m not one who likes getting honors for doing what I feel is the right thing, no matter what. But, I’ll take it on behalf of my friends as a high complement of how they feel about the work they invited me to do. Thanks, Tamara , Laurel , Mike and Doug  for letting me be a part of a very wonderful thing. 

 Randy Moore
 Written by DJ Nik
  Host Of The Whiskey & Cigarettes Show

Randy Moore is no stranger to delighting country music fans with his
vocal prowess and songwriting capabilities, however with Highway 59
the man has most certainly outdone himself.  With songs ranging from
"Paw" to "Sunshine State Of Mind", Randy tackles multiple themes and
does so with ease, poise and grace. There is something for everyone on
Moore's latest offering and it has the potential to become a fixture
with any lover of the country music genre. As we wait with bated
breath for its successor, we invite you to kick back and relax as you
ride shotgun down Highway 59.

Randy Moore
Written By : Declan Lavergne
Sunshine Radio UK

I Like Randy Moore’s music because it feels fresh and inspirational in his own individual way. His words are clever which makes for some great listening and songs. I hope to be hearing lots more from him in the very near future . He could be a very big star soon and we at Sunshine Radio UK look forward to playing his music on all of our Programs

CD Review

Randy Moore“HWY 59”
Written by Bert Gagnon, Neon Music Radio, Neon Productions Radio

Randy Moore's new cd release “HWY 59” is a fresh and bold concept.  Highly entertaining and the themes represented are surely a device to stir your imagination.  Targeted themes are of going home, role models, people admired and respected, fragile human conditions, radio, loyalty and a double murder.  

Each song has clever lyrical phrasing and outstanding musicianship.  Memorable melodies creates the illusion of imaging within the themes and put together with excellent lyrical content you can empathize fully even if you have never lived that experience.  Of course, not many of us have experienced a double murder but the imagery is quite vivid.

The cd single “Paw” is a testament to a positive childhood role model and the rewards of that experience through adulthood.  It also reminds us that everyone is someone's child no matter what our age and we are all a reflection of our role models from our early years.  The piano backing adds to the emotion of this theme and will surely be a hit.  

This country cd also represents blues, easy listening and rock. “Sunshine State of Mind” is a trop rock that rivals Buffett standards.

Key tracks on “HWY 59” cd are “Paw”, “Sunshine State of Mind”, “Broken”, “When A Woman Gets The Blues” and “Refuge”.

Distinguished musicians on this cd are Tony Harrell (acoustic piano), David Briggs (acoustic piano), Gregg Murrow (drummer) and Norbert Putman (bass).

“HWy 59” is more than music.  More than lyrics.  It's Randy Moore's story.
You will enjoy each song on“HWY 59” at the highest level and it just may mirror your own story.

Randy Moore
Written by Roel Stabler
The Songwriter capabilities of American Composer Randy Moore don’t need to be highlighted anymore. In the previous decades, his great compositions have been pearls broadly in all music styles!. His latest solo Album has reached us all in our hearts. All His songs are of top quality. His latest release CD “”HWY 59” might be the ultimate best of all. This cd contains some of the most personal and emotional songs like “Refuge” that he has ever written.


Randy Moore
Scott Wikle
Producer and host of My Kind Of Country
​on Fish Creek Radio 

​Randy Moore’s album “HWY 59” is not a commercial sounding album for the casual listener, but rather for true musical connoisseur who wants to be taken on a journey. I consider the songs on this album to be what I would term musical therapy. No matter your walk of life, or your taste in music, this album contains songs that we can all relate to in some unique way.

One of the songs on this album that I can personally relate to is “Paw”. Having lost my father several years ago, this song hits very close to my heart with the emotions and message that Randy is conveying here.

Another personal favorite is “Goin’ Back To Texas”, which talks about returning to the place where you grew up. Moving away from where you spent your youth is a natural progression toward building your own life and creating your own path in life. However, going back to where you truly call home, even if only for a visit, brings back a flood of childhood memories and emotions.  It’s obvious to me this was a very heartfelt song for Randy to write and record.

“Sunshine State Of Mind” puts me in mind of a Jimmy Buffett type song. It’s one of those tunes that you can put on that allows you to get away, even if only in your mind, to a beautiful and calm place where you can relax and take a breather from the grind of everyday life.

To me, an artist that is not only a great singer and musician, but also a songwriter that is able to paint portraits like a master painter through their songs, is what gives them longevity and worthy of being passed along from generation to generation. Randy Moore has done that masterfully with this album. It has enriched my life, touched my heart and I am certain you will experience the same when you listen to “HWY 59”  

Randy Moore

Reviewer: Jan Sikes
Buddy-  Original Texas Music Magazine April 2017

SONGWRITER, PERFORMER, MUSICIAN AND PRODUCER are words used to describe Randy Moore. But his latest CD release, “HWY 59”, clearly defines him as a contender in country music. He spent years honing his songwriting skills as well as performing and these songs demonstrate the payoff.

From the first track to the last, the clever lyrical phrasing; outstanding musicians and unique production, make for a great CD. Although born in Tennessee, Randy Grew up in Texas and that runs deep in his veins. The first song “ Goin’ back To Texas” shows the love he has for the Lone Star State. While “Things I Like” is longer than the standard norm for length, the lyrics carry it the distance. “Sunshine State Of Mind” takes us on a tropical escape.  “Paw” is moving and shows the love and respect he has for his father and his teachings

“Roll Me Another One”  and “When A Woman Gets The Blues” showcase Soulfulness.  “Santa Monica Pier” Rocks the House”. My pick of the cd is the 8th track. “Refuge”. This is the one to listen for on the radio. “I can’t stop the wind from blowing/ I can’t stop the rain from falling/ All I can be is your true friend/ When that Ole Blue norther comes blowing in/ My harbor’s safe / a selfless shore/ when boughs break and sails are torn/I’ll be your refuge from the storm.

The emotion and depth of “Broken” tugs at the heartstrings, a story of loss, grief, and trying to go on when all desire is gone. “Highway 59 Revisited” is a true Texas tune about growing up in a slower place and time and listening to that radio station on  Highway 59.

Some of the finest musicians to be found anywhere play with Randy on the project. Greg Morrow on drums and percussion, Norbert Putman and R S Baggett on Electric bass guitar, Tony Harrell and David Briggs on acoustic piano while John Kerns plays pedal steel and Hawaiian guitar. Randy Moore plays acoustic and electric guitar and keys.

Randy Moore
Written by: Jason Hillenburg
GasHouse Radio

Tennessee born singer/songwriter Randy Moore has been working in the world of popular music since the 1970’s and rubbed elbows with some of country music’s true artistic icons. His album HWY 59 makes it abundantly clear that those influences rubbed off on his own artistry in a significant and positive way. Moore is no imitator. The songs on his HWY 59 release are clearly informed by his influences, but Moore’s talent for filtering those influences through his own consciousness and experiences results in a collection of songs with rugged individualism and sure-footed musical skill. His songwriting and the unique turns of phrase inhabiting his work mark him as a veteran performer with talent to burn and an inspired eagerness to share his work with the widest possible audience. This isn’t niche entertainment designed to appeal to a certain crowd. Moore, as both a performer and songwriter, is accessible to the broadest possible audience and does so without ever pandering to listener’s expectations.

The album’s first single, “Sunshine State of Mind”, exists on the album in two forms – explicit and censored. The expletives are rather tame by today’s standards, but radio play remains an important component in the success or failure of country artists. The song begins with the plaintive whine of a steel guitar before settling into an easy going, quasi-Jimmy Buffet sort of groove and features a particularly strong chorus. The album’s nominal title cut, “Highway 59 Revisited”, is a fond reminiscence of Moore’s youth and the experiences of sharing moments with first loves, childhood friends, and how music played such an important role in shaping his memories and character. There’s some wonderfully free-flowing piano laced through the song, confident drumming, and tastefully played pedal steel. “Goin’ Back To Texas” opens with sparse musical accompaniment, an acoustic guitar and some unobtrusive pedal steel, before additional instruments come in. Moore excels at character driven songwriting and this is one of the best examples of that skill on HWY 59. There’s a light bluesy touch invigorating the tune thanks to the occasional lonesome harmonica wail that makes this all the more memorable.“Roll Me Another One” has a stronger musical edge that some of the other songs thanks to more assertive electric guitar work and some solid organ work coloring in the edges. The slow, deliberate tempo is a perfect fit for Moore’s fantastic lyric that, instead of aiming for the lowest common denominator, turns this song title into a substantive piece of songwriting that says far more than just let’s party. The sweeping piano lines opening “Broken” herald the beginning of a fantastic ballad and it doesn’t disappoint. Empathy is the key building block to this track. Moore strongly identifies with the numerous characters he presents and this distinguishing feature of the song helps make it one of HWY 59’s most affecting numbers. This album is a powerful reminder about the impact high quality country music can have – there’s style, substance, and tremendous polish driving these tunes. Randy Moore’s album is something to value and cherish in these diminished musical times.

Randy Moore
Written By Glenn Douglas Tubb
​Hit Songwriter ( Skip A Rope, 2 Story House , Home of the Blues  etc)

Well, I just finished listening to Randy Moore’s new CD, “HWY 59”.  So much good music on there, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but “HIGHWAY 59 REVISITED” and “SUNSHINE STATE OF MIND” have to be right up there near the top.  Randy tackles a variety of subjects on this CD, so there’s got to be something on there that you’ll like.  Randy’s performance is flawless throughout the CD.  It’s a CD that you can listen to over and over and not get tired of it, and that’s a rare find these days.  I know Randy will have much success with HWY 59.  It is well deserved.

Reviews & News

​Randy Moore
​Written by Lyle Wilson, "Weekdays With Wilson"
Radio A1A

Randy Moore's New Song Sunshine  State Of Mind Is One Of The best Trop Rock Songs I Have Heard. Straight Out Of Nashville To A Beach Near You. A Cross Between Johnny Cash & Jimmy Buffett, Country Has Done Gone To The Beach.

Randy Moore 
Written By Robert Levoy

Oasis Entertainment

For my 400th review, I am proud to review Hwy 59 is the September 2016 release by Nashville based and Native Texan, Randy Moore, released on the Highway 59 Records label.  His vocals and style reminds me so much of one of my favorites Jerry Jeff Walker.  Once you hear this album you can definitely notice the Texas style of this artist.  Among the ten tracks on this album were great songs as Paw, Santa Monica Pier, Refuge, Things I Like and much more.  Randy has a rich voice and this album has great instrumentation. Check out this album on Spotify and you will want to add this to your country library.  You can purchase this album on Itunes and Amazon.Type your paragraph here.

Randy Moore
Written by: Dallas Frazier  
​Hall of Fame Songwriter 
​known for "Elvira", "There Goes My Everything" "Alley Oop"," 14 Caret Mind" and so many other great songs 

I sat down yesterday afternoon, Sunday the 27th and listened to Randy’s new CD. Highway 59. I have recently had the privilege of becoming friends with Randy. A good looking Texas boy, who I would say has the goods! He’s a warm outgoing young man with a smile that makes all the difference between success and failure.

In checking out the credits on his CD, I noticed that he used the best of musicians. David Briggs/piano and Norbert Putnam/electric bass are legendary musicians. In other words, this is a professional project.

Being an old songwriter, I listened for the marriage of melody and lyrics. For lines that give birth to mental videos. I wasn’t disappointed. The range of his songs touch all of our emotions. Pertaining to his delivery, Randy has a clear, mellow voice that is full of heart and seasoned with soul. Put the CD on……kick back……and get ready for some good listening!

The song that really stands out to me is #8. Refuge. This one would be my selection to push.

Hey Randy, get out there and knock ‘um out son! You can do it!
Your Friend and Fan,
Dallas Frazier
Hall Of Fame Songwriter 


Here's Me with Norbert Putnam, Kelly Owen(Randy's Wife), & Randy Owen

"Sutter's Mill" track on The Dan Fogelberg Tribute Album has Randy Owen (lead singer of Alabama) and produced By Norbert Putnam and  featuring Randy C. Moore (that would be me) on harmony vocal, chorus vocals, 12-string guitar, & 5-string banjo. My buddies Max Fagan & Ron Combs of The Knottbrothers are singing in the chorus vocals as well. Recorded In the spring of 2011, the album is benefiting prostate cancer.

Randy Moore

Written by: Tom Lambert. CEO.
Promoter, Publisher, Radio Presenter.
'The Independent Music Show'

Randy Moore & HWY59....
Well HWY59 becomes part of Interstate 69 from North Cleveland on through Humble and Houston to just passed Brazos in the great State of Texas, where Randy Moore was born, raised and picked on his first guitar. He paid his dues in Honky-Tonks all over his home-state and went on to take his kind of Real-Country Music to the world stage from Monaco to Shanghai China and them some.

It has been my pleasure to have been chosen by Randy and his Publicist Ginny Foley to feature Randy and his latest album HWY59 on 'The Independent Music Show' over a period of nine weeks both on the show and in 'The Independent Music Show Magazine', and also with Social Media exposure.

I found the album HWY59 infectious, with vocal qualities, interpretations and songs that make you realize that Randy Moore as writer and performer has an in-depth understanding of his craft.
From the first track 'Broken' to the last 'When A Woman Gets The Blues' Randy has a way to make you want to hear more.

Tracks 'Highway 59 Revisited, Paw and Goin' Back' To Texas made me believe Randy in his heart never ever left Humble and never will....'Refuge' and 'Roll Me Another One' give me a John Lennon feel....'Santa Monica Pier' threw me a curve...which needed Colombo to solve and Sunshine State Of Mind made me just want to go have a beer and relax on a beach, while 'Things I Like' reminded me I'm human and wanted to listen to this album. all over again.

It is with conviction I recommend you buy this album and if Randy Moore ever gets to your 'Burg'...don't miss his performance...I guarantee, you won't be disappointed....Enjoy!

Randy Moore
​Written John Payne
Hunter's Bay Radio

Randy Moore is as genuine as you can get. His music is true to who he is with a little humor added in to many of his songs. Once you begin to listen to the lyrics, you will want to relax and absorb the way Randy tells a story in song. Great vocals and excellent musicians recorded this laid back album of pure talent. What makes the album HWY. 59 enticing, is you don't even have to be a Country Music Fan to enjoy this awesome sound!